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Into the future with wind energy

For three more years, the Fred Tschanz Group has committed to cover its entire electricity needs with sustainable energy sources.

As one of the first gastronomy companies in Zurich, Fred Tschanz decided over ten years ago to make the necessary investments for sustainably produced electricity. This was one of the important decisions to advance the ecological sustainability of our operations.

Our kitchens, lighting systems, elevators and washing machines are in operation almost around the clock. It can’t be denied that the electricity requirements of hotels and restaurants are substantial. Across all Fred Tschanz operations, exactly 578 megawatt hours are consumed per year. In order to ensure that this consumption is as sustainable as possible, we are taking consequent measures.

Minimizing the CO2 footprint with green electricity

With Elektrizitätswerke Zürich (ewz), we have a reliable local electricity supplier at our side. Recently, Fred Tschanz extended the contract for power supply with 100% European wind energy for another three years. This enables us to plan for the long term, improve our carbon footprint and at the same time invest in environmentally friendly, renewable energies. 

Saving electricity through facility optimization

In addition to the decision to purchase electricity from renewable sources, we are striving to permanently reduce our energy consumption. One of the decisive factors is the step-by-step optimization of our infrastructure. For example, we use excess heat from the nearby ETH computer center for hot water treatment in the Leoneck building, thus saving a considerable amount of energy.

Change begins with people

As a company we want to gain an awareness of the responsible use of resources. In regular cooperation with the Resource Efficiency Network Switzerland (, we determine the most important savings potentials and incorporate them into the development of our operations. We share these results with our team to enhance awareness. This pays off. We sense a great willingness on the part of our employees to support the resource efficiency measures in their daily work.

You can find out more about Fred Tschanz’s commitment to sustainable operations on our  sustainability page .