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Breakfast, brunch and lunch & drinks


A cosmopolitan legend since 1911

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Once the second home of avant-garde intellectuals, ODEON today is a venue for anyone in need of a quiet break from the hectic pace outside – in the heart of Zurich.


Les heures bleues

Every Thursday from 19h00 in ODEON: Music, Food & Drinks. «Drop in for a drink and stay the night».

To les heures bleues

A coffee house with history

They were all here at ODEON: an array of glittering personalities from the arts, culture, science and politics – from Einstein to Lenin and from Kurt Tucholsky to James Joyce. Take a journey through time and explore our rich history which goes back over 100 years.

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News from the Fred Tschanz operations

Here you will find selected news from all Fred Tschanz operations. Besides ODEON, these include our two hotels Walhalla and Leoneck Swiss Hotel with its Gaststube Haldenegg.

Durstlöscher aus Zürcher Wasserquellen

Mit dem Fred Tschanz Wasser animieren wir unsere Gäste, das qualitativ hochwertige Zürcher Leitungswasser zu geniessen und auf diesem Weg die Umwelt Umwelt 1000-fach zu schonen. Ein Drittel des Verkaufspreises fliesst in die Fred Tschanz Stiftung für bedürftige Kinder und Jugendliche aus der Region Zürich.