History has been written at ODEON for over 100 years. Once the second home of avant-garde intellectuals, the Café Bar today is a venue for anyone in need of a quiet break from the hectic pace outside – set in the heart of Zurich.


ODEON is an institution: here, where anyone who’s anyone in Zurich passes by, history has been written for over 100 years. Its illustrious guests contribute as much to the legendary spirit of the Café Bar as the unique nostalgic ambiance.


Good things will always be good at ODEON. These include the classic cocktails and carefully selected wines on our drinks list but also the cold and warm specialities typical for a coffee house of the Viennese Art Nouveau style.


Once the home of avant-garde intellectuals, ODEON today is a venue for those who like to enjoy each moment to the full – with classic interior architecture and service with a smile.

A coffee house with history

They were all here at ODEON: an array of glittering personalities from the arts, culture, science and politics – from Einstein to Lenin and from Kurt Tucholsky to James Joyce. Take a journey through time and explore our rich history which goes back over 100 years.

ODEON collector’s items

There is history buried in every corner of ODEON. And more than a few people in Zurich treasure personal memories of their time here. Here on the premises, we offer you the chance to buy a piece of ODEON history that will be sure to give pleasure – whether to yourself or someone else.


CHF 95.00


ODEON poster «Bellevueplatz» (format A1)

available at ODEON


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ODEON poster «Conditorei-Billards» (format A1)

available at ODEON


CHF 95.00


ODEON poster «ODEON» (format A1)

available at ODEON


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available at ODEON