Image of Charitable commitment since 1997


Charitable commitment since 1997

Taking responsibility for one's fellow humans and the environment is part of the DNA of the family business.

The Fred Tschanz Foundation was established 25 years ago with the aim of supporting disadvantaged children and young people. The charitable foundation is just one of the legacies of its namesake founder. The course towards ecological, economic and social sustainability that Fred Tschanz set during his lifetime is being pursued more consistently than ever by his granddaughter Stéphanie Portmann and her team.

Low-threshold support for children and young people

"My grandfather was a great philanthropist. It was important to him to share his success with people who were less fortunate in life than he was," says Stéphanie Portmann, owner of Fred Tschanz Gastgewerbe. "This philosophy remained anchored in our family and thus also in the company." So to this day, a portion of the turnover of all businesses flows into the Fred Tschanz Foundation. The purpose of this foundation is to support children and young people with mental or physical disabilities. This support is provided unbureaucratically, either directly or through therapeutic facilities, such as the Tanne Home or the Syfrig-Galliker family's riding stable, with which the Fred Tschanz Foundation has been associated for many years. "In addition, we support young people from modest financial backgrounds who would like to gain a foothold in gastronomy," says Stéphanie Portmann, "the family-like atmosphere in our team allows us to recognize dormant talents and build them up in a targeted manner."

Corporate culture of responsibility

In addition to the foundation, Fred Tschanz operates a sustainability fund that is used to further develop the company from an ecological perspective. This includes optimization of buildings, employee training and innovative projects to improve the eco-balance of the individual operations. "Our hotels and restaurants operate almost around the clock, says Managing Director Domenic Zembrod. "We are aware that measures to optimize resource consumption have a big impact at our volume." For example, the decision to cover all electricity needs with  wind energy ,  which Fred Tschanz Gastgewerbe made ten years ago.

Camera trap for food waste

Another successful project was realized by the ODEON's kitchen team in collaboration with the Swiss start-up Kitro, which specializes in reducing food waste. To conduct an analysis, they placed the food waste container on a scale and installed a camera above it. For six months, every time something was thrown away and the weight on the scale changed, the system triggered the camera. The collected photos and data were analyzed and discussed. By optimizing menu design, the kitchen team managed to reduce food waste by 35% and also cut food costs by 33%. "An incredible result!", finds head chef  Adrian Achermann ,  "by raising awareness in this way, we can make a lasting difference".

Do you share our philosophy?

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