Freshly caught delicacies

A special treat for gourmets: the oysters from the Marennes-Oléron region, where the coastal river Seudre flows into the Atlantic. Their emerald green shimmering flesh, the balanced, sweet taste make them a delicacy of first-class quality. Put on ice and served with lemon, they make our guests revel.

But even those who opt for locality don't go empty-handed in terms of high pleasure at ODEON. Real caviar from sustainable Swiss breeding? Yes, indeed! Russian sturgeon grow in fresh mountain spring water in the tropical house in Frutigen. Its roe is carefully prepared by hand and delivered chilled to ODEON. Served with blinis and sour cream, its nutty, characterful flavour comes out perfectly.

Come by and order a portion of sailor's happiness on your plate! To go with it, we also have bubbly accompaniment - rumour has it that the Cüpli was invented in the ODEON.