À la carte Menu

Continuously cold and hot dishes, from 09.00 AM to 10.30 PM, fridays and saturdays from 09.00 AM to 12:30 AM 

Fresh and crispy

Caesar salad

Tender chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, crouton, parmesan, Caesar dressing
CHF 34.00

Chèvre chaud salad (V)

Goat cheese with thyme-flavoured honey, mixed salad, house dressing
CHF 32.00

Garnished leaf lettuce (V)

Mixed salad, house dressing
CHF 19.00

Parmesan cubes & olives (V)

CHF 14.00

Crostini with homemade antipasti vegetables (V+)

4 pieces CHF 21.00

Crostini with avocado tartare (V+)

4 pieces CHF 22.00

Crostini with classic beef tartare

4 pieces CHF 24.00

ODEON Special

Marennes-Oléron oysters

Served on ice, with lemon and shallot red wine vinaigrette
3 pieces CHF 21.00
1 Piece CHF 7.00

pairs well with our house champagne from Lanson

CHF 19.00

Classic and beloved

100% Zurich organic beef of the highest quality from close proximity, refined by the "Wanger's Landmetzg" craftsmanship (Küsnacht ZH)

Claudia Wanger and Nils Müller from Wanger's Landmetzg are pioneers in farm and pasture slaughter. Supported by Bio Suisse, Demeter and KAGfreiland, this single-animal slaughter method does away entirely with animal transport. This guarantees the highest quality meat with the lowest stress levels. You can find out more about their organic farm, neophyte control using pigs, the "feed no food" feeding method and biodiversity in cow pats here

ODEON Beef Burger – the original house recipe

Chef sauce, cucumber, lettuce, tomato, with ODEON rosemary fries and coleslaw
CHF 38.00

+ Fried egg / cheese / bacon / Truffle aioli

each CHF 2.50

ODEON beef filet tartare – beloved and popular

With shallots, gherkins, capers and egg yolk Toasted bread and butter / margarine
CHF 39.00

as appetizer

CHF 26.00

2cl Camus Coganc

CHF 8.00

Club Sandwich

Chicken slices, bacon, egg, tomatoes, onions and cucumber, served with fried rosemary-potato slices or salad
CHF 34.00

Heavenly and legendary

Avocado tartare (V+)

With shallots, tomatoes and lime juice, toasted bread and butter/margarine
CHF 28.00

As a starter

CHF 20.00

Mediterranean focaccia sandwich (V+)

Antipasti, rucola, vegan basil pesto
CHF 31.00

Extra stracciatella di burrata

CHF 3.00

Casarecce Pesto-Siciliana (V)

Tomatoes, fried aubergine, rucola, stracciatella di burrata
CHF 32.50

ODEON platter

Tender dried beef, smoked Landjäger sausages, selection of cheeses, olives, homemade antipasti, served with focaccia
to share CHF 39.00
for 1 person CHF 26.00

Soup of the day

The team will be happy to asisst for more information
CHF 12.50

Ham and cheese toast – always a good choice

CHF 14.00

Aubergine and cheese toast – also always a good choice…

CHF 14.00

ODEON rosemary fries – nice snack

big CHF 10.00

Perfect side dish also with toast

small CHF 7.00

+ truffle aioli

CHF 3.00

Surcharge for a 2nd table setting

CHF 2.00

Sweet temptations

«French toast» – only available here at ODEON – hmmmm

Croissant in milk and egg, grilled, house-made forest berry jam, whipped cream
CHF 15.00

«Berry nice»

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream with warm forest berries and whipped cream
CHF 17.50


Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, mango, lemon
per scoop CHF 5.50

whipped cream

CHF 1.50

Gluten Free homemade chocolate cake

served with whipped cream and lots of love
CHF 13.00

Viennese temptations by ODEON

Viennese crêpes

Crêpes with house-made apricot jam and whipped cream
CHF 15.00

Viennese iced coffee

Vanilla ice cream with coffee and whipped cream
CHF 15.00

House-made apple strudel

Viennese style, with rum and creamy homemade vanilla sauce
CHF 15.00

(V+) = Vegan
(V) = Vegetarian

Only Swiss meat and bread (apart of burger buns and toast from France), certified fish and free-range eggs are used in all the Fred Tschanz establishments. Wherever it makes sense, we choose organic and regional products.
Exception: Our Black Tiger prawns are originated from Vietnam, our oysters from France.

The kitchen is open throughout the day until one hour before closing time.

We are happy to answer any questions regarding allergens.