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Who, if not Mediha?

Since the beginning of July, our HR management has been in the experienced hands of Mediha Murati. Her ambitious goal: to make Fred Tschanz the most popular employer in the industry.

Right from the start, Mediha Murati's professional career has focused on people. Even after her apprenticeship, it was clear that her skills were particularly in demand in the human resources sector. Mediha Murati feels comfortable in the role of mediator between management and employees: "As the oldest of three siblings, I've always tried to represent the different interests in order to find a good solution together." Her last job in the HR team of a large healthcare facility completed her expertise in the field of digitization

From the medical sector to the hospitality industry

By chance, the HR specialist came across the advertised position at Fred Tschanz and considered making the switch to the hospitality industry. That's when she remembered the saying she recently read while hiking, engraved on a bench: "Who if not us? When if not now?" When she entered CEO Domenic Zembrod's office shortly thereafter, she was astonished to see that very motto written next to his desk. 

At that moment, she knew she had arrived at the right place. "My feeling was only confirmed as I got to know the team  and Fred Tschanz's philosophy better," she says with conviction. "Here, we meet as equals, work ambitiously on a shared vision and take responsibility for our fellow human beings." 

Motivated employees thanks to contemporary corporate culture

She would like to offer the same to the skilled workers who will be recruited for the Fred Tschanz companies in the future. "I invite all our employees to actively contribute their ideas and wishes," she affirms her ambition. "Whether it's about personal development, further training or working hours, my door - and my team app - are always open." 

The team app connects employees across all Fred Tschanz operations via chat function and serves as an internal news portal. Mediha Murati is moving with the times and working on designing a digital HR landscape. In it, as many processes as possible are to be automated - leaving more time for personal encounters. 

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