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Raise the ‘Cüpli’ to 50 years of ODEON!

Although the ODEON is known to be much older, our history together begins exactly 50 years ago. When Fred Tschanz led the ailing ODEON back to its glamour. In his honor we let the appropriate champagne bubble.

Today there is no longer any trace of the adventurous time that the ODEON went through. The cosmopolitan spirit that has shaped the ODEON for over a hundred years can still be felt today. “Coffee Time” is enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere. Dinner and parties are celebrated exuberantly. However, this was not always the case. The riots of the early 1970s turned the venerable coffee house into a drug hell closed off by the police. The typical Art Nouveau furnishings were almost completely destroyed by the time Fred Tschanz took over the ODEON in 1972. In the ‘ History of the ODEON ’  you can find out how he brought the cafe back into shape and made it a meeting place for an intellectual and cosmopolitan clientele.

Lanson champagne exclusively by the glass

On the occasion of this anniversary, we refreshed the interior again and breathed new life into our trademark, the Cüpli* – or rather filled it with new champagne. It was not just because of its outstanding quality that we decided to offer  Lanson champagne by the glass. The historic winery relies on sustainable, biodynamic cultivation methods and maintains a responsible corporate culture with which we also identify.

Twice as old, just as sophisticated as the ODEON

Lanson’s roots stretch back 260 years. The winery in Reims experienced its first major boom during the Belle Epoque, when British Queen Victoria declared Lanson her house champagne. Now we are doing the same as the monarch and filling our ODEON-Cüpli with the same sparkling drops from Lanson. Another opportunity to taste the champagne of the talented cellar master Hervé Dantan will be offered at the end of the year: With a glass of Lanson champagne we will welcome our guests to the exclusive culinary journey at  The5 .

*Cüpli = glass of sparkling champagne