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25 years Walhalla: The Fred Tschanz Hotel in transition

Fred Tschanz celebrates 25 years of Walhalla Hotel and Guest House. We look back on the journey from a conservative hotel near the train station to a lively business with a multinational audience.

For 25 years, the golden angel in the lobby of the Walhalla Hotel has worn the key around its neck from the handover of the keys on November 5, 1997. On that day, gastronomer Fred Tschanz took the plunge into the hotel business with the Walhalla Hotel and Guest House. A venture that paid off - to this day, the two houses at Zurich's main train station are very important to the Fred Tschanz Group : "The Walhalla has always been a rock for our family business.  Even if natives of Zurich know Fred Tschanz more as a gastronomer," says CEO Domenic Zembrod. In addition to the central location, one of the reasons for the success is that the combination of hotel and guest house appeals to a very broad target audience.

Innovation powerhouse in the heart of Zurich

Resting on the laurels afforded to the Walhalla Hotel by its central location right next to Zurich's main train station was never an option for Fred Tschanz Gastgewerbe. The business looks back on a number of innovations that have made the two-star train station hotel a Zurich original over the years. For example, the Walhalla Guest House was one of the first inns to have shower stalls, Zurich's first Starbucks branch rented space in the Walhalla building, and in 2013, the Walhalla Hotel was the first in Switzerland to digitize its guest folder and replace it with a tablet PC. 

The course is set for a digital future

This spirit of innovation continues today, making the hotel a popular choice for tourists and business travelers alike. In the coming year, a new chapter begins for Walhalla with a rebranding, renovation of the hotel rooms and comprehensive digitization of the hotel's day-to-day operations. In this way, the hotel business will keep its finger on the pulse of the times and yet never lose the basic idea that has been central for 25 years: "Atmosphere of care - at Zurich's best locatio